The Art of Strategy – Steps Towards Business Agility

Would you like to have a quick, hands-on introduction to strategy in a Lean/Agile context? Then, please join me on this tour over 2500 years where we discover patterns useful for individual, team and business agility - starting from a mindset of collaborative success together with your stakeholders via strategic learning loops to maps of your business landscape.

Erik Schön

Product Development Executive | Executive Performance Coach

Hacker turned software researcher turned system engineer; manager turned leader turned navigator, Erik Schön has developed people, products, and, organizations for 20+ years in complex, global R&D environments. Recently, Erik has served 40+ development teams as one of the navigators of a large-scale journey towards more, faster, better & happier in a 2000+ people product development unit in 10 locations, and, as Chief Improvement Coach helped leaders and teams to deliver and to deliver better in a 1000+ people organization in 8 locations.